Welcome to Repack Packaging

Repack Packaging is a professional packaging manufacturer company in Bangladesh. Established in 2015, Repack has been providing high-quality packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a wide range of products and services, Repack packaging  can help you find the perfect packaging for your needs.

Fast & Reliable Custom Packaging Boxes

We're on a mission to help companies, large and small, harness the potential of custom packaging. We firmly believe that creative packaging can do way more than just protect your products. It can be a conversation starter for your brand.

Get high-quality custom printed boxes that you can customize from corner to corner: the shape, color, artwork, texture and size. With a low minimum quantity starting from 100 boxes, your custom box order will be shipped flat and arrive within 8-10 business days or sooner with expedited shipping.

Together, we'll revolutionize your custom printed box strategy - at a price you'll love. Let your creative streak run wild and unbox your brand's latest asset with custom boxes. No matter the idea, logo, artwork, shape or size of your box, nothing is out of reach.

Starting From 1000 Boxes

Competitive Pricing

Custom Design, Sizes & Style

High Quality Offset Printing