About Us



After starting the journey of Repack packaging in 2015, now it is one of the market leaders in the packaging Sector in Bangladesh with comprehensive product offerings. We provide creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service, and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. We are guided in our work by four core values that are the basis for our success: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement. We are moving packaging forward by redefining innovation through collaboration within our own company and with our customers and suppliers.

Repack Packaging brings brand owners and packaging experts together to generate fresh thinking, accelerate advanced technology and increase speed-to-market, package customization, and consumer differentiation. Our excellence in quality packaging and a strong commitment to maintaining the food-grade quality work as a leverage tool to gain a larger pool of quality and reliable clients base in Bangladesh. These leverage tools also help us to gain sustainable reliability and satisfaction of our major clients i.e. shajgoj limited,  FM Plastic, Take out, fabrilife, Secret recipe, ecourier, etc.

Among our clients, we have a large set of medium and small companies from food and beverage, cosmetics and chemicals, Restaurant,  Ecommerce, automotive and electronics,  and other industries. Our company is noted for the remarkable quality of its graphics and impressions that have become the standard of its commitment to quality control at each step of its operations.